Keep It Simple - Top 3 Feature Phones

Three of our favourite Feature Phones

If it’s not a smartphone, what is it? These three phones are far from dumb, so the industry has settled on ‘Feature Phones’ as the moniker for this genre of mobile phones, but we like to think of them as Simple Phones:

Who needs a smartphone anyway?

These simple phones hark back to a time when we didn't spend nearly four hours a day staring at our phones. What they can do is make calls, send texts and take photos and videos. Best of all, the battery will last a week. Some even have 3G capability and added accessibility features to help you feel safe…

As an added bonus, these phones are great for the budget conscious. They are cheap enough to buy the handsets outright so you can get the best SIM only contract deal. All these handsets fall into the £50-£100 price bracket, and are also available on network contracts.


Energizer Energy E20

Simply easy

Streamlined design, functional keypad and record-breaking battery life. Twice the battery life for stress-free usage. A 1,000 mAh battery for 10 days on standby and 8 hours of full talk time, a real must-have. Small format, large screen (2.4") to ensure you can read your messages clearly and easily. Two SIM cards you can take with you everywhere. Featuring a large keyboard and flip case, the ENERGY E20 phone suits both those who want a practical, functional phone as well as those looking for an on-trend design. Recharge your phone easily by simply placing it on the charging dock.

Our Favourite Feature

The dual SIM card feature means you can have service from two networks, in case you get signal black-spots in your area.

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Doro PhoneEasy 6520

Feel more secure with Assistance button

An ideal 3G feature phone with online functionality allowing access to Facebook, emails and web pages. Calls are easy to hear thanks to loud, clear sound and hearing aid compatibility, send texts quickly using the direct SMS button and take photos at the press of the direct camera button.

Our Favourite Feature

This phone comes with an Assistance Button which you can programme with up to five numbers for times when you need help at the press of a button.

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Energizer Power Max P20

Share your power

With its 4000 mAh battery, the POWER MAX P20 gives you the freedom to spend hours talking on the phone and listening to music. With up to 25 days of use in standby mode it’s your reliable friend for long journeys and trips, and you can also use it to recharge other devices.

The POWER MAX P20 can take two SIM cards and an SD card. Improve your phone’s memory storage power and enjoy the convenience of having two separate phone lines in one mobile phone. That means that you can combine two tariffs or two mobile networks in one.

Our Favourite Feature

The enormous battery capacity on this phone is so big you can even use it as a power bank to charge another phone, or any device that plugs into a typical USB port.

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