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Broadband deals

Get brilliant broadband in BT's superfast sale. With special offers on Fibre 2 packages, you’ll get fast, reliable broadband at a great price.

Fibre broadband
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What is fibre broadband?

Also known as fibre optic broadband, it’s our most widespread broadband. It uses powerful fibre cables to transmit signals to your street cabinet, before copper cables connect your home.


The result is strong, reliable, superfast broadband that’s great for browsing, streaming and downloading.

Only BT guarantees you...


Promised speeds with a Stay Fast Guarantee or get £20 back.


Super-strong wi-fi from a Smart Hub with a Which? Best Buy.


Greater protection with more online security than any other big provider.


Home Tech Experts all customers can book in 2 hour slots, 7 days a week for wi-fi help at no extra cost.

Unlimited broadband as standard

All our fibre broadband deals come with unlimited monthly usage, so you can stream, browse and download to your heart’s content.

  • No limits on downloads

  • We’ll never slow you down

  • No extra usage charges

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Your BT Broadband deal includes:

Brilliant, expert service

You’ll always speak to one of our team based in the UK and Ireland.

Speed guarantee

Speeds you can rely on day and night, and a personal speed guarantee.

Powerful hub

Our Smart Hubs are Which? Best Buys, giving you strong and powerful wi-fi.

Unrivalled security

More online security features included than with other big providers.

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To check the availability in your area and to find out more information

visit your nearest Get Connected store or complete the contact form.

Fibre optic broadband gives you even more

Keeping you connected

As well as strong wi-fi at home, our superfast fibre broadband gives you unlimited access to more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK.

Keeping you secure

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Keeping you superfast

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