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Unlimited Data business plans for when it matters.


Our routers can get you online wherever you are, whenever you need to work. Work flexibly and keep your team connected on the go, without Wi-Fi worries.

Three Business. Connect, work, share.

Huawei 4G B311 Router


*Black or White may vary

• Faster download speeds

• Better network coverage

A lightweight, portable solution to low-cost Wi-Fi. The Huawei 4G B311 router lets you connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. Game, stream and download wherever you go. Or share your connection with friends and family.

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What is 4G Home Broadband?


4G Home Broadband is internet that travels through the airwaves, just like the internet your mobile phone uses. You can set up home wireless Broadband in your home using a 4G hub. Simply plug your hub in and you’re ready to get online.

Does Three Home Broadband need to be installed?


There's no installation when you choose a Home Broadband deal for your home. You only have to plug your wireless Broadband hub in and follow the instructions in our user guide. Speeds can vary depending on where you use your hub, but our user guide will help you get the best speeds in any location. We also offer next working day delivery too, so you can get connected as soon as possible.

Can I get Home Broadband without paying line rental?

Because no phone line or cable is necessary to get 4G Broadband or 5G Broadband from Three, there’s no line rental to pay.

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