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Join the award-winning network, voted for by industry experts

Social Media
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Endless Social Media

‘Endless’ means unlimited use, so you can enjoy your favourite social apps without eating your data.

No more waiting to find WiFi before watching your stories – you can snap, post, chat and swipe whenever you like without worrying about using up your data. To keep your Endless Social Media and any video or music passes active, you must have some general data left.

Making and receiving voice & video calls are not included on your Endless Social Media.

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Endless Video
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Endless Video

Stream your favourite content on YouTube and video apps without worrying about your data. All on a 5G plan.

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Endless Flexibility

Our flexible monthly plans keep you in control so you’re free to change, pause or cancel your plan anytime. Even if you buy a phone with us, this flexibility still applies and you’re not tied into your VOXI plan.

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Calls & Texts
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Endless Calls & Texts

You get unlimited calls, texts & picture messages to UK numbers.


EU Roaming

You can use your plan at no extra cost in 47 countries in our Europe Zone. Your calls, texts and data will work as normal, just note there’s a 20GB fair usage policy.

EU Roaming

Endless 5G Data

Gone are the days of buffering streams, painful download speeds and game-destroying lag. With 5G you’re one step closer to a world of truly endless possibilities.


Ditch your network
without drama

Text PAC to 65075 to get your PAC code and keep your number when you join VOXI.

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An award-winning network

Award Winning Network

No bill shock

Don’t worry about any unexpected out of plan charges. You only pay for the cost of your plan plus any extras you choose.


Award-winning network

We're powered by Vodafone, so you'll always get the reliable network you need, at home and abroad.



No mobile contract

Buying a phone with us doesn’t mean you lose the flexibility of your VOXI plan. Your plan will stay a simple monthly subscription that you can change, pause or cancel anytime – even while you’re still paying off your phone.


Low cost international calls

We give you great international rates from just 1.5p per minute. Or choose our 100 International Minutes extra to call 100 countries from the UK.


Flexible phone payments

Because you’re not tied into a VOXI plan, you can pay off what’s left on your phone anytime and get the newest upgrade instantly – without having to pay off a mobile contract too. You can also make additional payments to reduce the length of your term.


Personal hotspot

Turn your VOXI mobile into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data with other devices.


Get an Amazon Gift Card

Invite your friends to join VOXI and you’ll both get up to £40 in Amazon gift cards.

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